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Friday.. after school.. sat around, went to candace's.. did her toes. came back home and my oldest dog (Cricket) got hit by a car. For those of you who dont know Cricket.. she was very old, but very loving. She had lived with me for about 13 years.. She was hurt bad when she got hit.. but was able to stay in there.. later on, my parents ended up having her "put to sleep". It was pretty upsetting..

Saturday..(PROM)wow. for starters.. I LOOKED FLIPPIN' AWESOME.. ((thanks to sweety!!)) she did everything! my hair, my makeup.. my eyebrows.. my upperlip.. my toes!!!! EVERYTHING. __I LOVE YOU SWEETY___ thanks so much for doing sucha awesome job on me!..
No clue why.. but i had the biggest butterfly's all day! like as if i was nervous or something?! lol. but when i was all done up and ready to go, me and josh had to take pictures here at my house with parents and irby and stuff like that. then my parents took me over to joel's. WOW joel looked freakin HOTTTTT!!. (he's mine) lol.. but then I DROVE HIS DAD's TRUCK to smith's house so we could take pictures there and get into our STRECH EXCURSION! (black with tan interior) SCOOBY was our driver.. how much more awesome could that be!?! lol. but when we got to the prom.. no one was dancing, the dj was pretty bad. but somehow.. joel made up for it.. by just standing next to me the whole time. lol. then we left right after the prom king and queen were announced.. lol. we all went back up to joels.. PARTY HARDY!.. haha ..around 3-4 o clock is when i was drinkin.. i was the DD until around then. haha from then on is soo hard to explain.. so many things went on at once. for starters.. 2 kids fell asleep on the couch and lazy boy.. well our nice little grown up guys decided that they wanted to beat the shit out of their heads. so they ended up punching the shit and smacking the shit out of those kids while they were sleeping.. yeah they said that they felt fine in the morning.. i felt bad... but the movie.. thats a different story.. (they were taping each other while beatin' the kids).. the movie i'll have to admit.. it was pretty hilarious. lol. but besides that.. alot of other stuff went on too.. like how i beat the shit out of Grecco and Joel at "Fuck the Dealer" (sweet card game).. yeah i definatly won that game. some other things went on.. dont feel like typing the rest. lol..

well in about 5 hours.. (4).. i gotta go to work.. till 10

hope everyone was safe.. and had a good nite..
<3 allison
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