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Alrite so my spring break is getting better!.. i woke up this morning, in a good mood. I checked the news, and there was supposed to be sunshine around noon. so it was 9.. and i had a little bit of time to sit around until it was beach time... until around 10:30.. TARGET called me! yupp yupp.. the store director asked me if i could come in to Target today to have an interview with her. Sure enough.. at 2.. i headed to Target... i ended up getting the job.. then i had to take the urine test.... the funny part of that story is that..

the Lab place closed at 3:15.. and it was around 3:05 when my sister and i walked in there.. my luck.. i just went to the bathroom before the interview.. so i had no liquid in me.. lol... and when i signed in.. on the sheet.. the lady at the desk made a big deal that they had to close at 3:15 no matter what. and then she asked me if i had to go.. and i was like no.. not exactly. and she was like well you better start drinking some water, because we are leaving this office at 3:15. lol.... so yeah i was under a lot of pressure.. lol. when i sat down in the waiting room, sure enough.. there was a HUGE thing of water with my name all over it. lol... so i grabbed a cup.. and just like finished at least 8 glasses of water in less than 5 minutes. lol.. then amanda just pushed me up to the desk.. and i was like "I'm ready!" .. i knew for my self that i didnt have to pee what so ever. and then amanda's last words were.. just dont think about it... so.. i didnt. and once he made me lock up my purse in this box thingy, he told me i had to pee at the min. up to this line.. which was almost half way! i was thinking to my self.. you've gotta be kidding me! lol so i locked the door behind me and.... peed. lol little did i know that i just kept peeing. lol and peeing.. and peeing. annnnnd peeing. lol.  when i was finally done, my cup was overflowing. lol... and then i couldnt flush the toilet. and i couldnt wash my hands (cause he wouldnt let me) so im walking out of the bathroom with a overflowing cup of piss. lol. it was dripping everywhere. lol.. (TMI).. but anyways. in the end.. it was just hilarious because he made me pour me own pee into these sample test tubes.. and then we had a conversation about drinking pee. lol..'

so in the end.. dinner was good. and now im just sitting here listening to amanda's friends play texas hold em.. lol

<3 allison

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