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alrite.. so spring break isnt going as i thought it would.. so far..

today i had to wake up early. and go to work by 10:30. ughh.. but yeah i worked till 5:30.. during my break, which was around 1-2 i went to target, and i applied there to be a cashier. when i came back to albertsons. i told my manager that i applied. she got a little upset, but im sure that she got over it quickly. im still gunna work at albertsons, just until like the end of april maybe.

but now its like 7 something and im home just making eggs for easter. i love dying eggs and stuff like that... i remember the old days when my family use to die eggs together.. i dont know what happened to that.. im just the only one dying eggs. im all by myself...

well take a look at my egg..

isnt that sweet?


yeah well for bad news today.. my daddy pulled out his back for the 2nd time.. so he's gunna need some lovin'.. becuase hes cant move at all. he might be stuck in bed a lot longer than last time.. (which was 4 weeks) :(.. well i guess ill update tomorrow.. hopefully spring break will get better.. on EASTER

<3 allison

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