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spring break... day one

finally.. spring break is here.

the last week of school before spring break was interesting. we had 2 bomb threats.. which wasnt a problem for me.. because i was just missing intensive reading, eng 2 honors and webdesign.. but still. bomb threats suck. the first bomb threat was horrible. it was hot.. thank god i didnt get sunburnt. but they are supposed to feed everyone.. but they decided to stop serving the food when it was my classes turn to go get the food. but i ended up eating food back at the cafe later. i jumped in the pool on the day of the first bomb threat.. i thought i was gunna get in trouble.... but i didnt care at the time. i jumped the fence, jumped in the pool.. (with all gym clothes on) and then ran in the locker room, and got in the shower. lol. after all that. i put back on my regular school clothes and walked out of the gym room into the commons.. you'd think high school students are smart.. but for some reason, everyone was telling me.. your wet.. lol (like you think that i dont know that?!) lol. but its alrite. it felt good.

the 2nd bomb threat was alot better. i spent practically the whole time with sweety. :) i miss her alot. even tho i see her like every day.. its not like it use to be. like during the vacations, and during cheerleading competition and stuff. but im sure that im gunna spend every single second with her during summer! (I LOVE YOU SWEETY) and same with megan.. all of us together was soo much fun! i just miss that. god i wish that i didnt move to north merritt island.. but i guess somethings happen for a reason, and i think that it will make our relationship as friends a lot better. (which is impossible) lol.

so yeah today is the first day of spring break. i woke up thinking i had to go to school. haha that was funny. i walked out of my room, and went into the bathroom, and i thought to myself.. why didnt my alarm go off!? and then once i was done brushing my teeth.. i realized that its spring break. lol so i layed back in bed and woke up ocassionally. finally i woke totally up around 11 something. me and my nanny left to go to the beach.. just us two. i wore my new bathing suit! :).. there was not a speck of sunlight anywhere. it was soo cloudy. but we just wanted to go out there anyways.

so then we ended up staying there for at least 1 hour at the most, an hour and a half.. and then we left. because there was lightning and thunder comming our way.. sure enough.. when we got back in the car, the radio station (107.1... of course) said that there was a thunder storm comming to east brevard.. my luck.. go figure

soo now im sitting around in my house as its sprinkling outside. i have nothing to do. no car to drive. i might as well go back to sleep. besides.. i dont have to work till 6 o clock anyway.

<3 allison

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