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Alrite.. we today is Friday.. we had FCAT this week.. ugh that was horrible. there is no point in FCAT.. just to find other ways to piss us students off. lol. but anyways.. today I had to work.. blahh.. i finally learned how to activate my savings and checking account :) whoo hoooo lol.. but umm. yeah im grounded.... i took a test in mr lights class.. and he said that i cheated.. which i didnt.. but umm. yeah then I complained to mr shriffrin..(principle) and he said that he will talk to mr light... so today.. mr shriffin asked me to come into his office.. and when i did, he told me that mr light "saw" me cheat?? (ummm NO WAY.. CAUSE I DIDNT!!) haha dont you just love teachers like mr light?? hahahah NOT so then i argued with mr shriffrin.. and then he called my mom while i was in his office.. and yeah so then my mom said that everything of mine is gone. and i cant do anything anymore execpt work, and cheerleading practice.. so i guess that means JOEL, softball, and powderpuff are all gone?? i DONT THINK SO!


i still have a 3.4 or 3.5 something????


my mom keeps on telling me that i have to quit albertsons.. actually its not just my mom.. more ppl are telling me that i really should quit.. but i donno.. i made a lot of friends there.. and im sorta attached.. i mean... albertsons IS my first job!! hmm... i need new job suggestions!!....


<3 allison

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