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hmm yeah.. okay.

FEAR FACTOR  (thats my softball team name) lol

so we had our 2nd softball game tonite.. we lost our first one on Monday (14-12).. and just lost our second one (27-6).. my team is psh... pretty good.. actually.. we would be a lot better of a team if some girls would put the effort into the game. but instead.. they like to sit around on the field and watch the rest of us run after their balls that are right near them.. anyways.. our next game is on monday.. at 7.. we play the "Twisters"! thats spenser's and jesy's team! whoop whoop

anyways.. cheerleading competition this weekend... LAST ONE! WISH US LUCK! its in tampa.. NATIONALS!! its the biggest of them all! lol

so yeah.. work is going ok. it sucks cause i only get like 3 hours this week.. which is like what??.. $11.00 on my next paycheck because of dang taxes?? lol.. god i wish they would at least give me some hours! i want a new job... any suggestions?


<3 allison

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