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beautiful life

and its sunday..

the 20th. my little brother's birthday! finally hes a teen. 13 years old.

yesterday we had competition in Tampa.. for the Florida State Fair. in our division, we had like 9 other teams.. we placed 3rd which was VERY good since we went up against the hardest teams ever!! but we accomplished our goals and did our very best and heck yeah we got like 400 dollars?? or something towards our cheerleading funds.. HECK YES! but we also got these awesome looking medals! they are heavy too! lol.. our JV team did their very best. i was soo proud of them, they looked sooo good. to bad they had like allstar jv teams to go up against.. they woulda won if they were in a easier division.. but its alrite.. its just training.

well at the fair, i won a gold fish! and last night, i added it to mrs hankins's little fish pond in their back yard. (she has like all these huge fish back there, and i brought her a little tiny fish like the size of my pinky finger) -lol but its was soo cool putting my fishy into the little pond.. and then we thought about a name for my fishy. i finally decided on BRONZER.. (its a boy) .. we got the bronze medal.. and hes like a bronze fish... its just perfect!..

well things are going great! the new house is starting to come together. we got tile in the kitchen... and in the dining room... but my parents room is still concrete. lol. my room looks freaking awesome!.. like always! lol

o yeah.. braces come off soon.!! :D

<3 allison

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