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[28 Apr 2005|03:59pm]
heck yeah!!..

President - MEE
Vice President - shroble
Treasurer - JENNY
Secretary - Lauren
Reps - nina, chris and mike!!

dude next year will be AWESOME.. c/o 07!!
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[24 Apr 2005|08:29pm]
[ mood | content ]

way to have an awesome weekend allison. lol i did absoulty nothing... but i had fun anyways?! lol i talked to boswell on the phone for a while.. he made me happy.. i havent hung out with them since homecomming.. so i thought id give him a call.. lol. he is the greatest guy friend ever! lol.. but anyways.. i worked today also and guess what i got?!?!?

 <333333 HECK YES


<3 xoxo _allison

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[23 Apr 2005|03:10pm]

alrite.. its saturday. and today is a free day for me. lol.. i slept till 1!.. its been awhile since the last time i slept it. i needed the sleep.. i havent slept at all latley.. but whatever.

yesterday i worked.. it was awesome. i worked for 4 hours. and it felt like one!.. wow i love working at TARGET! :)


i got my paycheck from Albertsons on thursday.. and i looked at my pay rate.. lol and they gave me a rasie.. from $5.50 to $6.15.. lol i was like hahah what losers. lol they just now decided to give me a raise.. lol its alrite tho.. i'm working at $6.00 for target until a few more months.. and then i get a raise and so on and so on.. lol.


next school year is gunna be sweet!..

1. (Hopefully) president of class 2007
2. Web Design II
3. Softball for MI
4. Treasure of FBLA club
5. WISH club
6. FPS club
7. Pep club
8. Yearbook

(hmm.. and some people think that i am not involved in my school.. haha)
and how could i forget.. (Hopefully) i'll have my car.. (Suzuki Aerio)..

an OF COURSE....no more Mr. Light!! lol






wow i seriously need to get a life...

<3 allison




"No, I don't understand my husband's theory of relativity, but I know my husband and I know he can be trusted" -Elsa Einstein      pg 121 in school agenda

"Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood" -Marie Curie     pg 125 in school agenda

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[20 Apr 2005|01:02am]
[ mood | blank ]

alrite well its Tuesday..
me and joel offically broke up.. long story.. but its for the better. we are great friends... like the old days..
letting go of soemone you love .. is actually good for you.
Friendship means a lot.. when something is wrong.. you have to have friends there to talk to....._ and whats better than having someone who you love and care about the most there by ur side to help?

<3 allison

P.S... im running for President of class of 2007.. AGAIN! lol

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prom pics [18 Apr 2005|06:36pm]
[ mood | sick ]

some advice..

"Don't think ahead.. just love where you are now."


(you know who you are)... to be completely honest... i love you more.

Here's three pics from Prom.. more comming later..

 <3 him

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[17 Apr 2005|11:08am]
[ mood | satisfied ]

Friday.. after school.. sat around, went to candace's.. did her toes. came back home and my oldest dog (Cricket) got hit by a car. For those of you who dont know Cricket.. she was very old, but very loving. She had lived with me for about 13 years.. She was hurt bad when she got hit.. but was able to stay in there.. later on, my parents ended up having her "put to sleep". It was pretty upsetting..

Saturday..(PROM)wow. for starters.. I LOOKED FLIPPIN' AWESOME.. ((thanks to sweety!!)) she did everything! my hair, my makeup.. my eyebrows.. my upperlip.. my toes!!!! EVERYTHING. __I LOVE YOU SWEETY___ thanks so much for doing sucha awesome job on me!..
No clue why.. but i had the biggest butterfly's all day! like as if i was nervous or something?! lol. but when i was all done up and ready to go, me and josh had to take pictures here at my house with parents and irby and stuff like that. then my parents took me over to joel's. WOW joel looked freakin HOTTTTT!!. (he's mine) lol.. but then I DROVE HIS DAD's TRUCK to smith's house so we could take pictures there and get into our STRECH EXCURSION! (black with tan interior) SCOOBY was our driver.. how much more awesome could that be!?! lol. but when we got to the prom.. no one was dancing, the dj was pretty bad. but somehow.. joel made up for it.. by just standing next to me the whole time. lol. then we left right after the prom king and queen were announced.. lol. we all went back up to joels.. PARTY HARDY!.. haha ..around 3-4 o clock is when i was drinkin.. i was the DD until around then. haha from then on is soo hard to explain.. so many things went on at once. for starters.. 2 kids fell asleep on the couch and lazy boy.. well our nice little grown up guys decided that they wanted to beat the shit out of their heads. so they ended up punching the shit and smacking the shit out of those kids while they were sleeping.. yeah they said that they felt fine in the morning.. i felt bad... but the movie.. thats a different story.. (they were taping each other while beatin' the kids).. the movie i'll have to admit.. it was pretty hilarious. lol. but besides that.. alot of other stuff went on too.. like how i beat the shit out of Grecco and Joel at "Fuck the Dealer" (sweet card game).. yeah i definatly won that game. some other things went on.. dont feel like typing the rest. lol..

well in about 5 hours.. (4).. i gotta go to work.. till 10

hope everyone was safe.. and had a good nite..
<3 allison

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[14 Apr 2005|09:37pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]

hmm today was awesome. except for the fact that i broke TWO nails. lol its alrite tho. i can get them done for free!!

but yeah today was my first REAL training day at Target.. its cool.. haha i gotta remember this LONG number in order to sign on to my register. lol its like 53469048 ?? maybe not?? lol.. but anyways.. it was awesome for my first day of training,.


 <3in it!

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[10 Apr 2005|07:49pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

alrite.. so i worked again today.. i dont do much at albertsons anymore.. im just the sample and rafle ticket girl.. i stand outside and beg for money. lol its fun tho!! lol.. anyways.. after work i got my nails done! .. it feels weird.. but they look awesome.. haah the japaneese guy that did my nails.. ahah i didnt understand a word he said.. well i understood a few.. like he asked me if the nails were for prom.. and he asked me what color my dress was.. and it told him blue.. so he ended up putting jewels on my ring fingers!! it looks awesome.. but.. now i still gotta finish doing gov. homework.. and then i have to figure out how im gunna take a shower with the nails.. lol..

<3 allison


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[09 Apr 2005|05:18pm]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

alrite so its sat. and the weekend is almost over..
nothing is going on.. so i have nothing to type..

<3 allison

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boreddd [29 Mar 2005|09:08pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

alrite.. so im really bored today.. i cleaned practically the whole entire house. lol.. i def. shoulda hung out with my "friends" today.. hmm.. but when i was done cleaning, there was nothing else to do but search around on the computer and look at other people's info and myspaces. 

myspaces are becoming really popular!.. lol.. but anyways,  i noticed that a lot of the girls had photo shots of themselves and stuff. so i decided that i should take some pictures of myself.. becuase i know that when im bored.. thats all that i like to look at.. is ppl's pictures... so if ur bored.. and wanna take a look at some pics..... PS.. i have a new software for pictures.. so i can change the colors and contrast and even make myself look like a coloring book! lol

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3


 i love watermelon!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

 i love h2o melon!!! <3 <3


   haha  <3 it!



<3 always and forever..

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ever just... gotta go?! [28 Mar 2005|08:26pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

Alrite so my spring break is getting better!.. i woke up this morning, in a good mood. I checked the news, and there was supposed to be sunshine around noon. so it was 9.. and i had a little bit of time to sit around until it was beach time... until around 10:30.. TARGET called me! yupp yupp.. the store director asked me if i could come in to Target today to have an interview with her. Sure enough.. at 2.. i headed to Target... i ended up getting the job.. then i had to take the urine test.... the funny part of that story is that..

the Lab place closed at 3:15.. and it was around 3:05 when my sister and i walked in there.. my luck.. i just went to the bathroom before the interview.. so i had no liquid in me.. lol... and when i signed in.. on the sheet.. the lady at the desk made a big deal that they had to close at 3:15 no matter what. and then she asked me if i had to go.. and i was like no.. not exactly. and she was like well you better start drinking some water, because we are leaving this office at 3:15. lol.... so yeah i was under a lot of pressure.. lol. when i sat down in the waiting room, sure enough.. there was a HUGE thing of water with my name all over it. lol... so i grabbed a cup.. and just like finished at least 8 glasses of water in less than 5 minutes. lol.. then amanda just pushed me up to the desk.. and i was like "I'm ready!" .. i knew for my self that i didnt have to pee what so ever. and then amanda's last words were.. just dont think about it... so.. i didnt. and once he made me lock up my purse in this box thingy, he told me i had to pee at the min. up to this line.. which was almost half way! i was thinking to my self.. you've gotta be kidding me! lol so i locked the door behind me and.... peed. lol little did i know that i just kept peeing. lol and peeing.. and peeing. annnnnd peeing. lol.  when i was finally done, my cup was overflowing. lol... and then i couldnt flush the toilet. and i couldnt wash my hands (cause he wouldnt let me) so im walking out of the bathroom with a overflowing cup of piss. lol. it was dripping everywhere. lol.. (TMI).. but anyways. in the end.. it was just hilarious because he made me pour me own pee into these sample test tubes.. and then we had a conversation about drinking pee. lol..'

so in the end.. dinner was good. and now im just sitting here listening to amanda's friends play texas hold em.. lol

<3 allison

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Happy Easter [27 Mar 2005|11:54am]
[ mood | satisfied ]

alrite so today i woke up at like 6 am.. i couldnt go back to bed because i had other things on my mind

so ive been up for a while now. .. my spring break isnt going to well at all...(so far)

for this easter.. i got a new shirt. and white shorts.. :/..

but ... this is the reason why im writing this entry.

yupp its a new purse. :) TARGET BABBY!

<3 allison

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[26 Mar 2005|07:10pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]

alrite.. so spring break isnt going as i thought it would.. so far..

today i had to wake up early. and go to work by 10:30. ughh.. but yeah i worked till 5:30.. during my break, which was around 1-2 i went to target, and i applied there to be a cashier. when i came back to albertsons. i told my manager that i applied. she got a little upset, but im sure that she got over it quickly. im still gunna work at albertsons, just until like the end of april maybe.

but now its like 7 something and im home just making eggs for easter. i love dying eggs and stuff like that... i remember the old days when my family use to die eggs together.. i dont know what happened to that.. im just the only one dying eggs. im all by myself...

well take a look at my egg..

isnt that sweet?


yeah well for bad news today.. my daddy pulled out his back for the 2nd time.. so he's gunna need some lovin'.. becuase hes cant move at all. he might be stuck in bed a lot longer than last time.. (which was 4 weeks) :(.. well i guess ill update tomorrow.. hopefully spring break will get better.. on EASTER

<3 allison

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[25 Mar 2005|04:59pm]

hottttie!! <3
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spring break... day one [25 Mar 2005|02:53pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

finally.. spring break is here.

the last week of school before spring break was interesting. we had 2 bomb threats.. which wasnt a problem for me.. because i was just missing intensive reading, eng 2 honors and webdesign.. but still. bomb threats suck. the first bomb threat was horrible. it was hot.. thank god i didnt get sunburnt. but they are supposed to feed everyone.. but they decided to stop serving the food when it was my classes turn to go get the food. but i ended up eating food back at the cafe later. i jumped in the pool on the day of the first bomb threat.. i thought i was gunna get in trouble.... but i didnt care at the time. i jumped the fence, jumped in the pool.. (with all gym clothes on) and then ran in the locker room, and got in the shower. lol. after all that. i put back on my regular school clothes and walked out of the gym room into the commons.. you'd think high school students are smart.. but for some reason, everyone was telling me.. your wet.. lol (like you think that i dont know that?!) lol. but its alrite. it felt good.

the 2nd bomb threat was alot better. i spent practically the whole time with sweety. :) i miss her alot. even tho i see her like every day.. its not like it use to be. like during the vacations, and during cheerleading competition and stuff. but im sure that im gunna spend every single second with her during summer! (I LOVE YOU SWEETY) and same with megan.. all of us together was soo much fun! i just miss that. god i wish that i didnt move to north merritt island.. but i guess somethings happen for a reason, and i think that it will make our relationship as friends a lot better. (which is impossible) lol.

so yeah today is the first day of spring break. i woke up thinking i had to go to school. haha that was funny. i walked out of my room, and went into the bathroom, and i thought to myself.. why didnt my alarm go off!? and then once i was done brushing my teeth.. i realized that its spring break. lol so i layed back in bed and woke up ocassionally. finally i woke totally up around 11 something. me and my nanny left to go to the beach.. just us two. i wore my new bathing suit! :).. there was not a speck of sunlight anywhere. it was soo cloudy. but we just wanted to go out there anyways.

so then we ended up staying there for at least 1 hour at the most, an hour and a half.. and then we left. because there was lightning and thunder comming our way.. sure enough.. when we got back in the car, the radio station (107.1... of course) said that there was a thunder storm comming to east brevard.. my luck.. go figure

soo now im sitting around in my house as its sprinkling outside. i have nothing to do. no car to drive. i might as well go back to sleep. besides.. i dont have to work till 6 o clock anyway.

<3 allison

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prom dress?? [16 Mar 2005|06:01pm]
[ mood | confused ]

i tried on some of destin's old dresses for prom..and only one fit.. its blue.. take a look. let me know what you think.. im still undecided


 from the side angle.. (my room is a mess)

 the down look angle..(its a floor length)

  back view..

 up close on the sparkle designs


well thats all of them... let me know what you think.

<3 allison

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grounded [11 Mar 2005|08:52pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

Alrite.. we today is Friday.. we had FCAT this week.. ugh that was horrible. there is no point in FCAT.. just to find other ways to piss us students off. lol. but anyways.. today I had to work.. blahh.. i finally learned how to activate my savings and checking account :) whoo hoooo lol.. but umm. yeah im grounded.... i took a test in mr lights class.. and he said that i cheated.. which i didnt.. but umm. yeah then I complained to mr shriffrin..(principle) and he said that he will talk to mr light... so today.. mr shriffin asked me to come into his office.. and when i did, he told me that mr light "saw" me cheat?? (ummm NO WAY.. CAUSE I DIDNT!!) haha dont you just love teachers like mr light?? hahahah NOT so then i argued with mr shriffrin.. and then he called my mom while i was in his office.. and yeah so then my mom said that everything of mine is gone. and i cant do anything anymore execpt work, and cheerleading practice.. so i guess that means JOEL, softball, and powderpuff are all gone?? i DONT THINK SO!


i still have a 3.4 or 3.5 something????


my mom keeps on telling me that i have to quit albertsons.. actually its not just my mom.. more ppl are telling me that i really should quit.. but i donno.. i made a lot of friends there.. and im sorta attached.. i mean... albertsons IS my first job!! hmm... i need new job suggestions!!....


<3 allison

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loser [02 Mar 2005|09:00pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

hmm yeah.. okay.

FEAR FACTOR  (thats my softball team name) lol

so we had our 2nd softball game tonite.. we lost our first one on Monday (14-12).. and just lost our second one (27-6).. my team is psh... pretty good.. actually.. we would be a lot better of a team if some girls would put the effort into the game. but instead.. they like to sit around on the field and watch the rest of us run after their balls that are right near them.. anyways.. our next game is on monday.. at 7.. we play the "Twisters"! thats spenser's and jesy's team! whoop whoop

anyways.. cheerleading competition this weekend... LAST ONE! WISH US LUCK! its in tampa.. NATIONALS!! its the biggest of them all! lol

so yeah.. work is going ok. it sucks cause i only get like 3 hours this week.. which is like what??.. $11.00 on my next paycheck because of dang taxes?? lol.. god i wish they would at least give me some hours! i want a new job... any suggestions?


<3 allison

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beautiful life [20 Feb 2005|02:13pm]
[ mood | happy ]

and its sunday..

the 20th. my little brother's birthday! finally hes a teen. 13 years old.

yesterday we had competition in Tampa.. for the Florida State Fair. in our division, we had like 9 other teams.. we placed 3rd which was VERY good since we went up against the hardest teams ever!! but we accomplished our goals and did our very best and heck yeah we got like 400 dollars?? or something towards our cheerleading funds.. HECK YES! but we also got these awesome looking medals! they are heavy too! lol.. our JV team did their very best. i was soo proud of them, they looked sooo good. to bad they had like allstar jv teams to go up against.. they woulda won if they were in a easier division.. but its alrite.. its just training.

well at the fair, i won a gold fish! and last night, i added it to mrs hankins's little fish pond in their back yard. (she has like all these huge fish back there, and i brought her a little tiny fish like the size of my pinky finger) -lol but its was soo cool putting my fishy into the little pond.. and then we thought about a name for my fishy. i finally decided on BRONZER.. (its a boy) .. we got the bronze medal.. and hes like a bronze fish... its just perfect!..

well things are going great! the new house is starting to come together. we got tile in the kitchen... and in the dining room... but my parents room is still concrete. lol. my room looks freaking awesome!.. like always! lol

o yeah.. braces come off soon.!! :D

<3 allison

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valentines day [14 Feb 2005|11:55pm]
[ mood | happy ]



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